23rd May 2019

Is your lifestyle good or bad for your finances?

The answer is that it depends what you are doing! If you are establishing policies to protect your finances in the event of death, long term […]
23rd April 2019

Attempting to anticipate and “time” the markets.

In the November 2018 edition of Chancellor Financial’s E-news we included an article entitled “Timing Isn’t Everything (for Smart Investors)”.  This covered the rationale of staying […]
23rd April 2019

The Chancellor Headlines — April 2019

Our regular readers are used to reading about our team’s endeavours with regard to Chartered Insurance Institute Examinations and there has been a particular flurry of […]
27th March 2019

MyChancellor portal — personal finance at your fingertips

When your personal finances involve different providers, portfolios and management partners, pulling everything together to get the big picture can be tricky. But the new MyChancellor […]
27th March 2019

The Chancellor Headlines — March 2019

Spring has sprung — so as we watch buds blossoming, we’re feeling suitably positive about helping your finances flourish. This month’s headlines include exciting news on […]
19th February 2019

The Chancellor Headlines — February 2019

Hopefully February’s swinging past splendidly and 2019 so far finds you healthy and happy. As winter draws to a close, this month’s headlines should warm you […]
15th February 2019

Plan to profit as the tax year turns

The tax year 2018/19 ends on 5th April — so if you still have capacity to make money moves before the deadline, now is the time […]
15th February 2019

David Heaton — the importance of being an Ernest winner

Just in time for red carpet season, our colleague David Heaton recently received a call from the Insurance Institute of Bolton to inform him he had […]
15th January 2019

Take Five — financial resolutions to follow in 2019

New Year’s resolutions are as easy to break as they are to make. But when it comes to financial management, staying disciplined with a few simple […]