9th June 2017

June Market Commentary

As we wrote last year, ‘It is tempting to think that Brexit is the only game in town.’ Cross out ‘Brexit’ and replace it with ‘General […]
10th May 2017

May Market Commentary

Introduction It’s difficult to know where to begin this month. In France? Where Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate, successfully defeated the far right’s Marine le Pen […]
10th May 2017

If we are all going to have to work longer, what do you need to consider?

The long-established state pension age of 60 for women and 65 for men is set to change over the next few decades. However, the first revision […]
10th May 2017

Where is the property market hottest in the current climate?

The latest figures from the housing market suggest that the Midlands is currently the hottest area for property, with price rises outstripping even those seen in […]
18th April 2017

April Market Commentary

Introduction It’s tempting to think that Brexit is the only story worth reporting: in fact, there was plenty happening in March, from elections in Holland to […]
18th April 2017

Will the first online-only savings bond mean savers will miss out?

The new government-backed savings bond from National Savings & Investment (NS&I) is set to launch in April this year, offering what Chancellor Philip Hammond has described […]
18th April 2017

Is the probate fee rise the ‘new inheritance tax’?

When someone dies and leaves a will, an executor is usually appointed in the will to deal with the deceased person’s estate – their money, property […]
18th April 2017

Women face gender gap in pension contributions as well as pay gap

Whilst the pay gap experienced by women in comparison to men is most likely a problem you’ve heard about, another gender gap has emerged which is […]
16th March 2017

March Market Commentary

Introduction Last month was the month when it was almost impossible to keep up with the stories coming out of the White House. Normally as I […]