25th August 2021

Please join us in welcoming Emily.

Chancellor’s Director, Grant Farnell asks you to join us in giving a warm welcome to the latest member of the Chancellor team:- “I am the newest […]
25th August 2021

Cash Flow Modelling Service

Whilst Chancellor’s advisers enjoy the whole financial planning process from an initial introduction from an existing client or a professional introducer such as a Solicitor or […]
21st July 2021

Budget changes to the pensions Lifetime Allowance

When Pensions Simplification legislation was introduced back in 2006, the intention was that the new rules, which had been many years in the making, would not […]
21st July 2021

Our rebrand has been fully rolled out!

In our May edition of the Chancellor eNews we took a “sneak peek” at our new look and branding. We are delighted that our new stationery […]
24th June 2021

Sam Farnell’s mini biography

I joined Chancellor probably sometime in 2011 as a file organiser – that should have been my job title for the few weeks each year that […]
5th May 2021


When Chancellor’s Business Development Manager, Dave Heaton, first started work at the end of the 1970s, high inflation was a fact of life – in 1979 […]
5th May 2021

Our rebrand

Back in May 2006 our brand-new company of Independent Financial Advisers, Chancellor Financial Management Limited, was established in Bolton, although our roots in the town stretched […]
31st March 2021

Expansion of our service offering

Most people would “take it as read” that financial services companies now use technology to make their jobs easier. The days of large handwritten ledgers are […]
4th March 2021

Please join us in saying “goodbye” to Posy

Over the past few months, Chancellor’s monthly eNews has featured mini biographies of our Directors and advisory team, which have been very well received by our […]